Sydney's Iconic Matcha Dessert from Cafe Kentaro

2 April, 2020

Marrying together the unique, often bitter flavours of Japan with the delicate finesse of the French cuisine may not sound like the most likely match, but Chef Kenny at Cafe Kentaro begs to differ.  It is in this guys capable hands that the creation of the now somewhat iconic ‘Matcha Mille Feuille’ was born. 


Think layers of classic, French, razor-thin puff pastry, yet instead of that custard cream pairing your taste buds have become accustomed to expect, you are hit with the slightly astringent, yet delicate notes of a well engineered matcha creme and all balanced beautifully with fresh, sweet berries.  I tend to agree with the accolade they have bestowed upon themselves as the ‘Matcha Experts’, pushing the Japanese fusion boundaries.  Is there any further to push than ‘matchafying’ the classic French mille-feuille?  I think not.


Sadie Elford

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