Burger Point Marvin Glaze: Sydney's Most Recognisable Burger

16 March, 2020

The ‘Marvin Glaze’ from Sydney burger kingpin, Burger Point, is perhaps the city’s most recognisable burg. The Burger Point signature is the creation of Tim Casaje, owner and executive chef, and is the combination of a Filipino’s partiality for sweets, the American sweet and salty movement and the indulgence of the Krispy Kreme Original Glazed donut.

“I was getting bored of creating specials that were mainstream"

Tim is of Filipino heritage. He speaks of the Filipino pallet saying “we do love our sweets. Everything about Filos is sweet. From the way we make our drinks, to the bread, and of course the desserts which most people find too sweet to handle.” As the American sweet and salty flavour combination began to gain a foothold in Sydney, Tim identified an opportunity to create

create something truly unique within the Sydney burger market. “I was getting bored of creating specials that were mainstream, so I combined my favourite bread from back home with the famous Krispy Kreme Original Glazed, so it’s like merging the best of both worlds.” The result, a calorie dense beauty and beast, The Marvin Glaze.

“at first bite you taste the sweetness from the glaze, but it is quickly balanced by the saltiness”

The Filipino bread Tim speaks of goes by the name ‘Ensaymada’. A soft bread which is glazed with cream butter frosting and topped with grated cheese and sugar. Whilst this forms the Marvin Glaze’s foundation, Tim seeked to “modify it so that everyone could enjoy it, not just Filos”. The alteration to the Ensaymada was to “instead of topping it with sugar and glazing it with butter, I glazed the bun with vanilla bean sugar and topped with it with maple bacon bits and grated cheese”. The end product is a bun which “at first bite you taste the sweetness from the glaze, but it is quickly balanced by the saltiness of the bacon and freshly grated cheese.”

Like most things that push the boundaries, the Marvin Glaze is not for everyone. It is indulgence bordering on decadence, “it garners a mixed reaction from our customers. Many love it, but there are still some people who don’t appreciate sweet and salty combinations. My goal is to bring something unique, and have a point of difference”, and if there is one thing Sydney foodies appreciate, it is originality. For that reason the Marvin Glaze has long been Burger Point’s best seller, and that is unlikely to change any time soon.

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