St. Burgs Part 2:

The Origins of The Krispy D

24 February, 2020

Five years ago, the mere suggestion of a donut burger was grounds for uproar. The simple act of substituting a brioche or milk bun, for a pair of sugary, deep fried donuts was borderline offensive to less ‘adventurous’ foodies. Things have come a long way, and the donut burger has almost become a regular feature on the specials boards of many Melbourne outlets, but there is one which reigns supreme - the king of donut burgs, which can be credited for triggering its popularity in this city, the Krispy D from St. Burgs.

"I was literally in shock at the way Americans ate and created such crazy food ideas"

Sweet and savoury combinations are not for everyone. At an entry-level, a person will add Maltesers to their movie popcorn. The donut burger belongs to the same flavour-profile concept, be it of a more hardcore variety. Whilst the donut burger’s rise to prominence in Melbourne can indubitably be attributed to the Krispy D, Dan, the owner and operator of St. Burgs does not lay claim to the original idea, saying, “the crazy Americans put it on my radar. I got the idea of the donut burger from my first trip to the US, where a friend from New York offered to make me a burger with Krispy Kreme buns in his apartment. I was literally in shock at the way Americans ate and created such crazy food ideas.” As a result, Dan decided to test the concept on the Melbourne market, and the Krispy D, featuring two grass-fed smashed beef patties, two slices of American cheese and bacon, between two Krispy Kreme Original Glazed donuts, became a feature on St. Burgs specials menu.

"some thought they would have a heart attack just looking at it, but I liked it"

The early responses to the Krispy D were mixed, but heavily weighted towards the less favourable. Dan points to the prevalence of ‘health and fitness’ culture at the time as the source of shock, saying “back then in Melbourne everyone was all about ‘fit-nation’ and weight consciousness, no one would dare to eat that sort of thing, some thought they would have a heart attack just looking at it, but I liked it.” When the Krispy D became a main-menu listing, the common disposition of customers sat somewhere between “scared or appalled”, but curiosity, and eventually sales, peaked when the Krispy D received viral exposure on Facebook and the ‘social news’ pages of UNILAD.

Since the initial resistance, many customers have embraced, or at least tried the Krispy D, which today is one of St. Burgs most prolific sellers. Dan himself acknowledges the sweet and savoury combination is not for everyone, saying “maple bacon is as far as I go. I max-out on two bites of the Krispy D. That being said, the Krispy D is a well-balanced example of sweet and savoury, but I’m just too calorie conscious to finish a whole one.” Love it or hate it, the Donut Burger is unlikely to go away anytime soon, and you have to try everything once….right?


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