Sydney Souffle Pancakes: The Brothers Cafe

3 September, 2020

Sydney’s selection of Asian, and Asian-influenced cuisine is hardly limited, so it is peculiar that Japanese soufflé pancakes, for the greatest time, were in short supply. This has recently changed, and changed for the better. Soufflé pancakes are made by beating egg whites into a meringue, which is then prudently folded into a batter. The science is simple, but as with most things, there is an inherent art. The result should be a tall, light and airy pancake, with a cottony texture. There are a number of establishments in Sydney which ‘hang their hat’ on their soufflé pancake offerings, one of those being Haymarket’s The Brothers Café.

The Brothers Café is a union of effort of four friends, who met whilst working in Sydney hospitality. They are all Thai by birth but Sydneysider’s by heart. “Peppo is the creative force, Karl is the master chef, Matt is an expert in beverages and I [James] handle the brunt of the management”.  “The four of us are not just friends, we have a lot of love and respect for each other. We are more like family, so we thought “The Brothers Café” would make the perfect name for our venue.”

The souffle pancakes is the Brothers Café signature, “it happened because we were looking for a sweet dish for the menu, Karl had been to Japan and had tried soufflé pancakes. We perfected the recipe through trial and error.” The quality of the pancake hinges on the preparation of the meringue, “if we get the perfect meringue, it means we get the right soufflé texture. Nothing is particularly difficult about making the soufflé pancake, it’s all just basic cooking skills, but you need to focus on each step because if you make one mistake, you need to begin the whole process again,” a process which start to finish can span 20 minutes. 

The Brothers Café offers a blend of signature and special flavour variations, the former being Thai Tea, Matcha and Tiramisu. The range of specials has included Oreo Mascarpone, Mango and Coconut, and Strawberry. When asked what they love most about the café they have built, the answer is “when people come from the soufflé pancakes, but love, and return for the other dishes.”

Photography: Justine Donnelly of @justin_time2eat

The Brothers Cafe


TUES : 9AM - 1PM

SAT & SUN : 930AM - 3PM

5/187 Thomas Street, Haymarket


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