Melbourne's Fitnesscheatmeals & Upsize Burger Bar Part II

30 July, 2020

This is Part 2 of a 2 Part series on Jayden Lococo and Upsize Burger Bar. If you missed Part 1, you can find it (here).

What were some of the crazy menu items you had at Upsize?

One of the popular staples was the Mac N Cheezus which was two homemade deep fried Mac and cheese patties as buns, with double beef, double cheese and FCM sauce. One of the crazier menu items was the Oreo Crazy which was two crumbed and deep fried Oreo ice cream sandwiches as buns, with double beef, double cheese, Nutella and maple bacon!

What kind of customers were drawn to Upsize?

All kinds, from general public, to people following us on Instagram and travelling as far as 3 hours by car to try the burgers, to other food bloggers. I can confidently say, every person I spoke to loved what they ate. This is due to the way we structured upsize, as every burger could be customised to suit your tastes and cravings!


What was the theme of Upsize?


The theme was in essence American, indulgent and down-right crazy. Portions were variable but the fact you could upsize any dish really pandered to the big eaters and the ability to share with friends and family. All flavour combinations were well thought out, tried and tested before putting on the menu. Either completely savoury, a slight sweet and savoury combo, a heavy sweet and savoury combo and/ or just completely sweet. Always having an option for whoever walked in the door.


What were the challenges? What lessons did you learn for the second iteration?


Challenges were more hospitality based, really throwing myself into the deep end and figuring out how I was going to get it done in such a short time frame. Also doing it all while already working 70-80 hour weeks at my full time job.I learnt a ridiculous amount in that time, essentially everything to ensure the next time you see upsize it’s done properly and to its full potential from the start. Having already gained the knowledge, experience, connections and resources, I’ll be able to grow it to where I envisioned in the first place.I definitely need to find a great location with a set up suited to what I’m offering, that would make a massive difference. 


When would you like to do Upsize again?


I was really hoping to have it open again now, but I’ll have to wait and see how the hospitality industry rebuilds over this time.

Any closing words?


The one thing that made upsize as successful as it was, was the support. A huge amount from my wife Jessey mentally, physically and emotionally but also my family, friends and people who I now call my friends due to the support during that time. What I enjoyed most was the ability to create something new, exciting and ridiculous flavoursome. Always pushing boundaries getting customers to question their taste buds, be in shock of flavours that they thought shouldn’t work but does and really incite conversation about the food. Nothing more rewarding then seeing the smile on a customer’s face after taking a bite of the food.

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