Dutton Garage Cafe: A Melbourne Cafe Setting Like No Other

9 July, 2020

Café fit-outs are costly. High ceilings, fastidiously polished floorboards and interior designs which are conducive to natural, flooding light, are all features of the modern Melbourne café, expensive features. But, what if one was to flip the norm? What if instead of setting the interior of a café, one took the café to the setting?

Dutton Garage Café has an elegance which is difficult to replicate. It is nested within the Dutton Garage, the spiritual home of the Dutton family, a name synonymous with Australian auto racing. Founded by Albert Dutton in 1911, Dutton Garage is a showroom of classic, collectable, exotic and rare cars, and a blissful dream for car enthusiasts. It provides an exquisite setting for a brunchery, the work of architect Karl Fender, who had the gift of a mid 1800s-built bluestone building as his canvas to create an automotive showroom fitting of the Dutton name. Francis Chehade, previous owner of Shanklin Café, and now owner and operator of Dutton Garage Café describes the space as “perfect for a unique, first-class Melbourne café”.

Dutton Garage Café is a meaningful compliment to the Dutton Garage showroom. Prospective car buyers, and car enthusiasts alike admire the finer details of vehicles on display, the scent of polish and tyre shine are some of the finer stimuli of the senses of an experience which should not be hurried. “We want everyone to be part of our family. Dutton is not your typical car showroom where sales people are aggressive or harass you. It’s a very laid back atmosphere, where you can enjoy good food, whilst checking out amazing cars.”

The menu is the work of head chef Hunter, who Francis describes as “a passionate perfectionist,” and is mostly comprised of fusion Chinese and modern Australian brunch cuisine. There is also “ongoing rotation of specials to cater for the Dutton Garage staff.” For Melburnian automotive enthusiasts, food enthusiasts, or combinations of both, Dutton Street Café is very much worth a visit.

Photography: Courtesy of Dutton Garage Cafe

Dutton Garage Cafe

SAT : 8:30 - 3PM

41 Madden Grove, Richmond

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