Photography : Stevani of @foodblogs
Photography : Stevani of @foodblogs

Photography : Stevani of @foodblogs
Photography : Stevani of @foodblogs

Photography : Stevani of @foodblogs
Photography : Stevani of @foodblogs

Photography : Stevani of @foodblogs
Photography : Stevani of @foodblogs


The Baked Box: Sydney Cookies Baked With Passion

8 May, 2020

Making requests for Rule the World, On the Bandwagon and Seeing Double, one might be mistaken in thinking that we are creating a 90s pop music playlist, when in actual fact we are talking cookies.  Choccy, buttery, chewy centred cookies that could very well end up ‘ruling the world’.  Crafted and honed to ultimate sublimity by sister duo, Veronica and Christina, and with a crew of the harshest critics of all behind them (their children), there was no way that The Baked Box cookies would be unleashed into this world as anything less than perfect.  

“Cookies are pretty simple, like pasta or bread, but that’s why every little part of the recipe can make a world of difference!”

 Combining Veronica’s lifetime worth of experience baking for and feeding her ‘hungry little monsters’ (her words not ours!), with her sister Christina’s business minded ‘hard assness’ (again Veronica’s words!) they pose quite the pair to be reckoned with.  However, this is not to say that The Baked Box was born over night.  The business idea started back in 2017 and was the culmination of a lot of failed attempts, experimentation and patience.  Taking their much loved recipe and tweaking every ingredient, temperature and timing, baking batch after batch of cookies, it was definitely a workout that their kitchenovens had never seen before, but the end result speaks for itself. Inspired by great desserts, classic flavours and their own foodie explorations, then try to channel all this into

new epic cookie inventions.  And you know what? “Sometimes they don’t work out, but other times we nail it!” and it is this mentality of learning how to fail that seems to have been this pair’s pathway to utter cookie success.  

When asked what constitutes the ‘perfect cookie’, The Baked Box duo expertly specify the following key criteria:


1 - Crisp edges

2 - Chewy centre

3 - Loaded with chocolate

When asked what their ‘personal cookie favourites’ are, the answer is not so simple.  Likened to being asked who their favourite child is, it seems that these two are pretty fond of each and every one of their cookies in equal measure.  Passing comment that they can rarely resist the original, Rule the World with the double choc chips and heavenly sea salt flakes, there seems a nuanced similarity to the unspoken truth that parents always hold a soft spot for their first born.  Following a similar trajectory, the pair also place a great emphasis on their love of their newest born, the Lotus Biscoff Cookie. However, as every good parent would, they do also go on to rave about every other one of their cookie creations with the same intense pride and passion.  As well as these cookies being jam-packed with buttery, chocolatey goodness, it definitely seems true that baked in the core of these cookies is a whole lot of heart.


Sadie Elford



The Baked Box


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Photography: Stevani from @foodblogs

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