5 Must-Eat Sydney Pancakes

28 April, 2020

Pancakes should appear on every self-respecting Sydney brunch menu. American pancakes are dead. The long-spoiled palates of Sydney demand more. Elaborate combinations of varying flavours, colours and textures are required to attract brunching Sydney-siders seeking an untried, more decadent or more aesthetic stack. Here are 5 Sydney must-eat pancakes.

Photography: Justine Donnelly of @justin_time2eat

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Oxygen Compressed.jpg

Oxygen Cafe


South Granville newcomer claims ownership of a stack worthy of Sydney’s West. The tropical plant Taro has become popular in recent years as a means of flavouring speciality lattes in Sydney’s coffee shops, perhaps more for its bold purple colouration than anything else. The Taro pancakes from Oxygen Café are accompanied by Taro mascarpone, summer berries, mango, vanilla ice cream, Taro cookie and almond cookie crumb.

Oxygen Cafe

MON TO SUN: 7AM - 2PM, 5PM - 10PM

28/46-50 Wellington Road, South Granville

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Bella Dee Compressed.jpg

Cafe Bella Dee

Café Bella Dee is a tried and tested Sydney pancake establishment. The San Souci local corner-café deals in colour. Vibrant tones permeate the menu, top to bottom, but the pancake listings are always particularly eye-catching.   The Twirl Caramilk pancakes were first listed as an ‘on-request’ special during Cadbury’s controversial re-launch of their Caramilk Chocolate , before being upgraded to a limited time special. Their presence on the menu is just that, ‘limited’, but you can be assured the main-menu listings are equally worth travelling for.

Cafe Bella Dee

MON TO FRI : 7AM - 230PM

SAT & SUN : 8AM - 230PM

36 Tuffy Avenue, San Souci

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Flour Drum Sydney Pancakes

Flour Drum Newtown

Flour Drum, boasts more drawcards than most. Giant Cookies, an array of lamington variations and some seriously thick pasta are all credible excuses for a visit, but Newtown’s favourite child dishes up a stack which is up there with the best. The Banoffee Buttermilk Pancakes, accompanied by grilled banana, dulce de leche, toffee, whipped pure cream and mascarpone and finished with house-baked Anzac biscuit crumble and maple syrup is a must-eat for any purveyor of fine stacks.


Flour Drum Newtown



SAT & SUN : 8AM - 4PM


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Kusuka Cafe Sydney Pancakes

Kusuka Cafe


Kusuka Café could be described as Modern Indonesian dining, with a western element, but in reality, it doesn’t adhere to any rules of typification. Kopi, Singaporean coffee served with condensed milk flavours Kusuka’s adorably plated pancakes, which is accompanied with peanut butter, vanilla ice-cream and palm sugar syrup to complete what is this list’s most eclectically influenced stack.

Kusuka Cafe


SAT: 8AM - 8PM

12/339 Sussex Street, Sydney


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Brothers Cafe Compressed.jpg

The Brothers Cafe

Japanese Souffle pancakes are trending, and for good reason. Tall, light and airy, Souffle pancakes offer the eater a texture change-up, but despite their mounting popularity there is still a very limited number of eateries which do them, and more importantly, do them well. Haymarket’s The Brothers Café is one of those eateries and offers four variations of Souffle pancakes; Thai Tea, Tiramisu, Matcha Tea and Caramel Cream Cheese are all worthy choices for an avid pancake hunter.

The Brothers Cafe


TUES : 9AM - 1PM

SAT & SUN : 930AM - 3PM

5/187 Thomas Street, Haymarket


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